The mission of The Fish Need Water Alliance is to protect and conserve sport fish through the best available science.

Whether anglers acknowledge it or not, fish handling practices play a huge role in post-catch survival. Fish Need Water offers handling techniques to reduce human impact on fish intended for release. The techniques are general enough for application across species but specific enough to make a difference. Like hemostats and nippers, a firm knowledge of handling techniques is another tool for the angler's tackle box.

Folks fishing to put meat in the freezer are important stakeholders in fisheries conservation, and you can count us among them. Many of us harvest fish when legal and sustainable. Fish need water, but sometimes fish just need lemon.

Those anglers who like to "fish for keeps" can protect our fisheries just the same as C & R folks - slot limits, bag limits, and non-target species mean that all anglers should be releasing fish at one time or another. The better each of us is prepared to safely release caught fish, the better our sportfisheries will be poised to thrive.