There are no ivory towers or high horses, only a deep love for both fish and fishing.
— Tim Rajeff

Sometimes a need is recognized that demands action without hesitation. And sometimes, that need is the source of happiness, connection, and livelihood for millions of people worldwide. Fish Need Water was borne out of the realization that sport fishing's future lies, to a large degree, in the hands of individual anglers. Fishing culture has shifted in recent years toward a more stewardship-oriented ethic, spurred by collapsing wild fisheries across much of the world. This sea-change began with individual anglers already deep into their fishing careers, often with years of practical experience informing their fishing practices. We're here to spread that love from the lifelong angler to those who may not know a reel seat from a love seat.

At our foundation is a core group of anglers, industry stakeholders and friends that derive such pleasure from being on the water that standing idly by is hardly a consideration. You won't find a more devoted crew of folks than those representing The Fish Need Water Alliance. Longtime fly fishing industry frontrunners Tim Rajeff and Katherine Hart are at the helm, backed by a team with diverse experience in fisheries conservation and more combined experience on the water than you can shake a stick at. There are no high horses or ivory towers, only a deep love for both fish and fishing.

What began as a pledge by ECHO Fly Fishing to only publicize photos of properly handled fish has grown into an outlet for angler education and support.  We're here to keep sport fishing strong for next week, next year, and the next generation of anglers.